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Poem: This Fool's Paradise

Thursday, May 9, 2013

by Amelia Robinson

October 2009

Description: A poem I submitted for my tenth grade creative writing class.  I wish I knew the prompt, but this was the result.
In my quiet time
A sorry, sorry tale
Darkness stops on the steps
Eyes filled with malice
A heartless thing

In my quiet corner
A window high above
Cracked and careless
A shaft of sun
This dangerous artificial light

In my quiet room
Silence comes knocking
Gripped and immobile, dominating
A cold remedy that pricks like thorns
A lost, forgotten splendor

In my quiet hall
A clock beings its song
All these sad hours
Twisting together in parody of life
Forever, unending

In my quiet place
My unworthy being
Ghostly and silent
Rotting and abandoned
Drifting over ruins

In my quiet time
A talk of dreams
And cravings so dear
So clear and deceptive
This fool’s paradise.

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