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Dedication and Discomfort

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I was navigating through Evernote on my way to add some new notes to an idea I recently had when I found this:
This is a screen cap of one of Justine Musk's brilliant blog posts.

I like this idea - "experimenting with small actions that fall outside our comfort zone, retreating to the comfort zone to rest and regroup, stepping outside of it again."  I like that, for once, I've been given permission to shamelessly step back in to my comfort zone.  Normally when I hear the phrase to step out of it, I panic.  Because I assume I'm not allowed to step back in.

Having the comfort of knowing I can step back in makes me braver.

"We can learn how to act in the face of it."  To me, this is a brilliant rendition of practice, practice, practice.  That's all I've been hearing for years: you learn to write by writing.  "We can learn how to act in the face of it," packs this moral background that appeals to me.  It's a phrase that applies to life, too, not just writing.

I'm going to try this.  I'm going to try and go through the steps of not being afraid of writing a novel.  So I start with what I can do: a word.  Then maybe hammer out a sentence.  Then sweat through a paragraph.  Then bleed out for a page.  And maybe, by the time I'm finished with the story, I'll be so rough-skinned and battle-scarred that I can howl a triumph war cry.

I like that image.  :)