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When I Turn Green

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Writers, don't you love to hate those moments when you stumble across a particularly great story or line or idea where you spitefully, but with a smile, say, "Oh man, that's so good.  I wish I'd thought of it!"  With me, my gut clenches, my hand fists, and I fight back a vicious smile.  The envy hits me good and strong like a shot of vodka*.

I also love those moments, too, because they're the things that inspire me.  They're just so. freaking. good. that it makes me turn to my writing with a fresh eye and a meat cleaver.  (Because generally these flashes of inspiration come with hacking away at unsightly prose.)

I just finished watching an episode of Castle.  It was the episode called "The Wild Rover," wherein Ryan, after a seven year absence, goes back undercover with a faction of the Irish mob**.  For a dozen episodes or so, I hadn't been taking Castle seriously because of the shoddy storytelling, but this episode... Oh. My. Gosh.  This episode captivated me from the get go.

Before I'd started watching it, I had set an idea in the back of my mind to simmer.  And after watching that episode, I had my idea.  Oh yes, I had my idea.

But while I was watching this show, I kept thinking to myself, "Oh my gosh that's so awesome.  I wish they hadn't thought of it; I wish I had thought of it, dammit!"

This kind of begrudging respect is befuddling.  It is.  Really.  I just have to give the writers of that episode kudos for hitting the magic right on and I do have to thank them for providing me with the solution to my idea-deprived story problem.

Don't you love it when that happens?  You wish desperately you had the creativity to come up with something so brilliant, and yet you just can't help but feel inspired?

Yeah, I absolutely love it.

* = This is pure speculation.  I've never had alcohol.
** = This is my favorite part.  Oh my gosh.  *fangirling*

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  1. YES! I know exactly what you mean by those ideas that are so brilliant you wish you had thought of them first. I definitely feel like I need to improve my own writing after I've seen something really good.

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way! I have followed you back :)